At Glass solutions Philadelphia, we offer a wide selection of shower doors  in a variety of glass types, door styles, frame colors, hardware finishes, and panel configurations. Our qualified and experienced team carefully measures the glass and makes sure that it fits your bathroom perfectly, so they get everything right the first time.

Choosing the right type of shower door or enclosure can be pretty challenging because it needs to match your shower space as well as the bathroom décor. You also need to ensure that you select the right type of custom shower glass Philadelphia, so you save both time and money on cleaning and maintenance.

  • For residences, framed glass shower doors with aluminum framing on all sides of the doors and panels are the industry standard.
  • Our custom built frameless shower doors  that are made of thick tempered glass are supported by heavy duty pivots or hinges. Pulls and towel bars that are drilled through our custom shower glass in Philadelphia offers exceptional beauty and durability.
  • Semi frame shower doors are an economical alternative to frameless shower doors as they use a minimal amount of framing while still maintaining a sophisticated and classy look.
  • One of the most common types of enclosures, sliding shower doors  offer years of trouble-free service, and are the perfect choice when bathroom space is limited.
  • Pivot hinged shower doors are known for their ambitious custom designs and brilliant engineering that offer stability and structural support and enhance almost any configuration.
  • Bi-fold doors are an ideal solution when there is limited space and the shower opening is narrow. They offer full access to the shower just like a swinging glass shower door that opens into the bath area.

We offer a number of custom shower glass options that include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Clear glass, a low maintenance material is widely used in most homes. Apart from letting in the light, it also contributes to the openness of the space it is installed in.

Manufactured with reduced/lower iron content when compared to regular glass, Low Iron glass with its less greenish tint finds its use in places where exceptionally clarity of the glass is needed. Higher clarity due to its colorlessness also results in greater transmission of light

2. Frosted or acid etched glass that is manufactured by etching regular glass is uniformly smooth and has a distinctive satin-like appearance. Light transmission is soft and only one side of the glass is etched while the other side is left smooth, thereby facilitating easy cleaning.

3. Just like frosted glass, rain glass offers vision control and admits soft light. Crystal rain patterns give it a decorative look and this glass is also ideal for concealing minor stains, fingerprints, and watermarks.

4. Grey glass is a type of tinted glass that has a dark silver-like tinted appearance. It allows low transmission of light and goes well with stainless steel or chrome coated hardware.

5. Bronze glass is an opaque glass that is protective and just like grey glass, the light transmission using this material is minimum.